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The Thoughts Of Des Maree

Des Maree
30 January 1990
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I’m Des Maree ;;
&& I'm pretty much awesome.
I’m nineteen
established [300190];


I'm complicated. Confusing. Sarcastic. Lame. Impatient.
Cynical. Bitchy. Always smiling. Easily amused.

I love music I can scream with && music that makes me move.
I'm insecure && hard to handle.
I'm very different than people expect.
I make mistakes.
I say things and don't mean them.
I don't think before I act.
Sometimes I just fuck up.
Doesn't matter, no ones perfect.
I've got a lot of friends.
But only a few close friends that mean everything to me.
I'm tired of getting fucked over and used.
I love my life && I wouldn't change it for anything

I'm this weird, shy little creature.
Hugs, kisses && cuddles ♥

We all laugh to forget the hurt.

It Starts Again, Can You Feel It?
It Takes Your Breath Away,
Stop Saying That We're Invincible

I might be the best thing you had,
The thing you miss most,
ill be the one waiting, as the petals fall.

This is my journal it's friends only
If you want to be added comment and I might add you

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